Undrafted Anniversary - April 8th


the list "JAY ROCK"

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Jay Rock makes vocalizing easy. Favorite song is up for debate 'cause low-key his albums are under appreciated, barley brought up in conversation. Heavy with colloquial and dogmatic observations, Jay Rock is the true goat. Pop this album on when you're cruising in a Uber or on the subway.

Featured Artist: Jay Rock, part of the Top Dawg Ent. fam, Jay Rock not only got the swag he got the lyrical and vocal talent many only with they could execute with ease. He makes rap look easy. 

The Undrafted team has been bumping tunes since our birth back in 2016. It was the era of anticipated wait of iconic hits from albums like "Anti", "The Life of Pablo", "Views" and "Blonde". In another life, UTC might have been a record label. We've wanted to bring you a bimonthly playlist for a while now. Many of the songs highlighted you've heard before already but some will be fresh and clean. 

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