the list "KANYE WEST"

the list "KANYE WEST"

Despite his controversy over the years, Undrafted wants to take a moment to appreciate an artist that allowed the discussion of mental health in the rap industry to flourish--a nerd spending time on their craft became cool again. 

Featured Artist: KANYE WEST, a tumultuous musical, lyrical, "jeenus", Kanye, aka, Mr. West aka Ye aka College Dropout aka Yezzey has been a staple of musical inspiration for many.

The Undrafted team has been bumping tunes since our birth back in 2016. It was the era of anticipated wait of iconic hits from albums like "Anti", "The Life of Pablo", "Views" and "Blonde". In another life, UTC might have been a record label. We've wanted to bring you a bimonthly playlist for a while now. Many of the songs highlighted you've heard before already but some will be fresh and clean. 


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